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Read & moralize
Haw Lik: Tai people listening to sermons about Dharma


Wat Mawk Zarm
Wat Mawk Zarm (Buddhist Temple), Tai (Thai Yai) Style Art, Located at Ban Mai Mawk Zarm Tambon Thaton, Mae Ai District Chiangmai Province, which is the only one in Thailand


Tai Style Belfry
Tai Style Belfry, beautiful level roofs.  Include a Tai style of drum and a big gong


Haw Khumaw Tai

Haw Khu Maw Tai (archives house of Tai poet or technician) a depository containing historical records and documents, similar library and museum.


Tai Bell, particularity when its corner was beaten, a bell will turn to have echo voice go far


Wat Mae Ai Luang, Mae Ai District Chiangmai Province Thailand


ဝတ့်ၵွျင်းၶမ်း လမ်းပၢင်း

Wat Jong Kham, Lampang, Northen Thailand, according to the Tai or Thai Yai traditional, if the important temple of the country they often named “Wat Jong Kham”. (Golden temple)


ဝတ့်ၵွျင်းၶမ်း ႄမႈႁွင်ႈသွၼ်
Wat Jong Kham, Mae Hong Son, Northen Thailand


ဝတ့်ၵွျင်းသုင် ႄမႈႁွင်ႈသွၼ်
Wat Jong Sung, founded in 1838 (B.E.2381) Mae Hong Son, Northen Thailand


ဝတ့်မႁႃႇရၢတ့် ဝတ့်တႆး ၵဵင်းႁူင်
Wat Maha Ratchthan(Wat Tai), Chiang Rung, Sipsongpanna (Xishuangbanna), China


ဝတ့်ယွင်ႁူၺ်ႈ မိူင်းတႆး
Wat Yawnghwe, Southern Shan State (Moeng Tai)


ဝတ့်ပႃႇပဝ်ႈ ၵဵင်းမႂ်ႇ

Wat Papao, Tai Style, founded in 1883 (B.E.2426) by Tai people, Chiangmai, Thailand


ဝတ့်ၼၼ်းတႃးရၢမ်း (ဝတ့်ၵွျင်းၶႃး) ၵဵင်းၶမ်း

Wat Nantaram,Chiang Kham, Phayao, Thailand

It is a Tai-style wooden building with a multi-tiered roof, a ceiling which is decorated with colored glass and 68 pillars covered with black lacquer and gilded. The principal Buddha image is made of teak wood and is done in Mandalay-style.




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